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Bagiński & Chabina Spa – A Natural Source of Regeneration

Stay healthy and feel good with a session in our sauna and steam room.

A visit to the sauna or steam room will reduce tiredness, give your body a good detox,
improve blood circulation and leave you feeling totally relaxed.

The sauna and steam room are located in the swimming pool complex.
The saunas are open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

It strengthens the body and adds beauty. Allows to get rid of excess weight and it cleanse the organism. Besides it prepares to fight off infections.
Sauna is an alternate bath - once hot and once cold. It is where the secret of its amazing results and good effect on the entire body lies. Thanks to this treatment the whole skin cleanses off fat, sebum, dead cells. It becomes clean and smooth and breaths better. It allows for better absorption of various nourishing and moisturizing preparations.
The temperature of the sauna is 60 C - 100 C.

It has an effect similar to a low temperature sauna but with high relative humidity of air. Hot steam particularly affects the diseases of the respiratory tract. The moist heat of a steam bath has a positive effect on the look of the skin, it improves blood circulation, cleanses and invigorates.
The temperature of the steam bath is to about 45 C.