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Sanus per aquam

For health, good mental condition and good looks of our guests we have prepared a wide range of treatments in the atmosphere of philosophy "Sanus per aquam".

We ensure you that our wide range of treatments is finely performed by our specialists. We guarantee that procedures will be properly chosen and because of their professional execution will bring surprising results - true beauty and health.

SPA is an abbreviation of the Latin "Sanus per aquam" so "health through water". The therapeutic properties of water treatments were already known by the ancient Romans and with the conquest of the old continent they spread the idea of ​​the benefits and joy of water treatments.

SPA meant the treatments and therapies based on formulas that used the wealth of sea water and thermal springs. Today it is a synonymous of luxury and holistic comprehensive care for the physical and mental well being. SPA means treatments using water, marine extracts, mineralized mud, various techniques of massage or baths with different additions (salts, clays, oils, etc.).

Hydrotherapy - as evidenced by scientific research - not only strengthens the immune system but also brings deep relaxation and calmness.

Prices and Booking

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END OF SUMMER 01 - 30.09.2014 3 days , from 376 zł/pers See All packages